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IDEFK I slept for two hours, woke up again and kept playing to tmgs1 for a while because I couldn’t get any more sleep.
Shoosh, why is Madoka so cute? It’s like he’s born from sugar and milk chocolate… (?)
Surely it is tough to win the love of the boys in here, tho… even though Madoka gets close to you in a very little time…
Oh yes Madoka it’s a boy, just sayin’ (in case someone doesn’t know this game)
I will try to get some more sleep now and I guess I will restart the game later because I’m not satisfied.
I should totally follow a faq or something…

Posted on 18 June 2012, at 5.57am, with 3 notes
  1. mightythundergirl said: Forgot to tell you that, the guys are easily get bomb in tmgs 1 than tmgs 3 if you ignore the guys. D:
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